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Water purefication
Water filtration
Water deferization and demanganization
Dearseniczation of drinking waters
Water softening
Water demineralization
Reverse osmoses system
Water desalinization
Water ozonization
UV Water desinfection
Bottle plant
Ultra clean water
Water quality on wish
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Water for pharmaceutical industry

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Unit designing

Nirosta d.o.o. makes possible to its buyers, on their own wish, technology design of water purification.

This service will help our potentional buyer through estimation of the complete investment, its costs, performance, oparational costs through the exploatation etc.

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Water purification

It is neccessary to clean every water before use, it all depends on degree of wanted purity. It is sometimes enough just to relieve water from hard particles , like leaves or hard dirt, for example the rainwater, which will be used for garden watering. Hard and fine grates are being used for such purpose, because they relieve water from named hard dirts.

All other activities for the removal of dirtiness from the water will be defined through different purification degrees.

Company Nirosta d.o.o. has already worked out a system of removal of hard dirtiness from the water, and has also a storage for such purificated water.
Undersystem of waterpurification is settlement and floculation as two exceptionally effective, conservative methods of purification, which are the basis of further technology phase.

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Water filtration

Removal of hard particles, like leaves etc., in most cases does not satisfy the expected water quality. Therefore, technological way of water filtration should be used.

Generally spoken, the filtration is taking place by removal of dirtiness visible by our own eyes and those visible by optical microscope ( form 1000 - 1 m m ).

Company Nirosta d.o.o. desposes of complete offer of filter units, capacity from 0,5 l / h all through industrial filters, capacity from 100m3 / h and more.

Company NIROSTA d.o.o. is one of the representatives of the Canadian company Sonitec Inc, which product Vortisand is one of the best for water purification at all.

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Water deferization and demanganization

Most part of underground waters in this area ( Slawonia ), just like some other waters in other Croatian areas contain soluted iron. The way of its removal from the water is a first important technological step to be able to prepare the water for further production. In most cases with the appearance of iron, the soluted mangan can appear too.

With the way of deferisation and demanganisation, which uses company Nirosta d.o.o., iron and mangan are being successfully removed. This procedure is based on usage of oxid - reductive ways, catalized with special fillings of filter materials , and the procedure is ended using reductive connections which neutralize activity of oxidated substances.

The whole technic - technological activity is based on the knowledge and experiences of the worlds known companies which support the activity of our company at this territory.

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Dearseniczation of drinking waters

The possibility of finding arsenic in underground waters, over maximum allowed concentration also supposes adequate possibility of its removal. Different methods have been developed, just like technology procedures for arsenic removal out of underground waters used for drinking.

NIROSTA d.o.o. uses special methods and systems from the company Severn Trent Services for arsenic removal from the drinking water

Such technology makes it possible to remove arsenic up to niveau under 8 microg/l of soluted arsenic.

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Water softnening

Water softnening is a neccessary process by waters which need or have to have lower water hardness. It is even more important by hard waters which are used in different technology processes, for example: destilation, reverse-osmoses water purification, cooler systems, heating pipes and all other cases where it can, with a incrustation of water calculus, come to disorders in further degrees of water purification or decrease of heating caracteristics of used units.

Water softnening processes, which Nirosta d.o.o. is using, in most cases are beeing proceed on ion echanger basis. It is a very effective process and ion echanging resins are beeing used for such purposes.

Nirosta d.o.o. uses also highquality ion masses from different producers, dependable on usage purposes. For all resins we use, we have producers quality certificates.

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Water demineralization

Water demineralisation is a process where all minerals are beeing removed from the water.
Water demineralisation process can be proceed in different technology directions. The most spreded way is demineralisation on ion changer resins. Nirosta d.o.o. uses its own water demineralisation systems, produced in our workhouse. Used ion mass comes from renomated ion mass producers like < Dow <, < Bayer <, < Rohm & Hass >.

Reverse osmoses systems

At this moment it is the most popular water demineralisation system. Design is beeing insured by worlds leading producers.

Reverse osmoses systems are hyperfiltration systems which separate solutions in the water, from the water. Very effective method which is totally usable. It is used in almost all life segments, industrial and household.

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Water desalinization

Revers osmoses water purification found its usage in becoming of drinking water out of sea water. The most effecive method, with the high usage percent..

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Water ozonization

Very spreded procedure of water desinfection, especially by water bottling.

Ozonization processes are very much used by oxidational processes, just like pretreatments. It is a very important procedure by removal of soluted iron, magan and arsenic in underground waters.

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UV water desinfection

Water desinfection is a neccessary procedure by drinking water production, and desinfection with UV radiating and it has been, till now, the healthest method. Such desinfection is beeing done without any additions, without chemical interventions, what means without any possibilities of demage ingrediant appearances and soluted compounds in the water ( organic ).

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Bottling plant

High drinking water standards resulted with higher demand on bottled clean water.

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Ultra clean water

For biochemical and laboratories which are responsible for product quality, just like excellent analitical laboratories, an excellent water quality is needed, which also is used for analitical analyses.

Water which is used for different laboratory technics and devices has to be of high quality ( ASTM Standard - Typ1 - American Society for Testing and Materials ).

Modern GMO examination is just unimaginably without such high quality waters, just like examinations in judistical medicine and DNA laboratories.

Nirosta d.o.o. is a leading supplier of such systems in Croatia . You can find our systems in over a hundred of laborytories all over Croatia .

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Water quality on a wish

Any water quality wish, our buyer asks for, is technically achievable in our company. All technic - technicological, till now known possibilities, within water purification, are accessible now also in Croatia with activities of our company.

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PVDF Materials

Nirosta d.o.o. is from company Georg Fischer - Switzerland certificated designer and pipeline manufacturor out of
Electrodianisation, BCF (Bead and Crevice Free) Fusion Technology, with connection method.

The company experts achieved the complete education and certification in Schaffhausen - Switzerland .

Therewith we gained abilities to manufacture such demanding pipelines for pharmaceutical industry on the terain of Republic of Croatia .

PVDF ( Polyvinyldien fluorid ) of high purity, HP, became the main material for manufactoring of pipelines in pharmaceutical industry and it is showing even better results over stainles steel, even over the type 316 L.

This materal has all needed attests: NSF, FDA, USP, EP, BfARM, ISPE, cGMP etc.


a) Pharmacy
b) Biotechnology
c) Medical technology
d) Food technology
e) Semiconductor industry
f) All high purity demanding industries

The company has already have references in Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegowina.

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Next to reverse - osmosys water purification, pretreatments like deferisation and ozone oxidation or desinfication, electrodiionisation found its place in water purifacationg.

This special system constantly purificates the water under 0,1 microS / cm.

Nirosta d.o.o. built in about ten (10) of such flow pure water systems, over 2000 l / h, just like few smaller systems ( to 100 l / h ).

Usage: everywhere where highly pure water is expected ( needed ) ( semiconductor industry, great laboratory analytical technics etc.).

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Next to the reverse osmosys systems, Nirosta d.o.o., delivers also systems for water purification for hemodialyses purposes. Every such delivered system contains also computer ( remote ) controled system, just like the possibility of constant system control through internet access and can also be controled through cell phone - GPRS connection.

Such modern way of control can also be used like command - control possibility and for monitoring.

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Reserve pieces and consumtion materials

For all delivered systems, Nirosta d.o.o. gives a gearantee for a minimum of 2 years for systems of over 100 lit capacity of clean water per hour. Also, the company has in its warehouse all reserve pieces, needed for a right system funktioning.

In addition, the company offers to its customers all consumptioning filters, with a delivery time inside 24 hours, just like complete servise vehicles with all needed equipment for the exchange of consumptioning materials, servising and / or RO membrane washing.

For water softening we use most qualitative ion exchange resins from renowned companies like Dow, Bayer, Rohm and Hass etc.

For softner regeneration we use exclusive and most qualitative tabled salt ,NaCl, made through the vacuum crystalisation process, overcrystalized with clean water bigger than 99,9 %.

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Water for pharmaceutical industry

With its work, Nirosta d.o.o. is well known on the field of water purification needed in pharmacetical industry in Croatia

This demanding industry based its foundation, on the terain, on principales of first class purity of its products. Every product from any pharmaceutical or similar company is beeing examined, controled and certificated several times, not only in their own, but also in world wide laboratories.

Ofcourse, high purity water is used in the process of production of first class purity and quality. Not only chemical purity, bit also microbiotical purity is very important.

Also the transfer of water cycle to several industrial or laboratory useres has especially been one of most demanding industrial technological aplications.

Water and design of the system for the needs of pharmaceutical industry is mostly devided in three degrees of purity:

a) purificated water
b) highly pure water
c) injection water

Such demanding grip in pharmaceutical industry, producing pure waters, also demands a special controling system, from the signing of equipment delivery contract/agreement to its making it to work; making of plans, I & P diagrams, complete pipelines, control of used materials, certificates which include all relevant state and science institutions of the country where the products are coming from and which will be build in the system and all this in the direction to the standards of the world institutions for water quality.

Validation of equipment and products is the most important step finishing the whole system.

Except the usual directives ( GMP, GAMP, USP, EP ), it is very important to document all actions with special qualification protocols.

Because of the very demanding job by such systems, only few world companies are related to such actions.

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