Company Nirosta d.o.o . was founded on October 14th 1994 as a company for consulting and delivery of technoligical equipment in a sphere of technology, drinking and waste waters.

After few years of work, the company has made profits in delivery of water purification equipment, especially technology - demineralisation units and systems, just like laboratory type waters, ultra clean waters and reverse - osmosis technologies.

With the constant education of its employers in factories in USA, Germany etc., the company is improving at its surroudings and market conditions in Croatia.

The company is now well recognized with its precise delivery and service dates, correct relationships with its buyers ( most of them cooperate with us for already ten years ) and constantly improvement of its offers.

In the meantime, the firm is growing, the new production space is beeing built, just like examination station for RO units, new technologies on basis of electrodionisation are beeing accepted, just like increase of water quality for purposes of semiconduct industry, and water production for hemodyalises purposes.

Working on constant improvement of the growth conditions of this firm , company Nirosta d.o.o. is open for new ideas, young experts wanting to improve, to whom the company is giving a chance for improvement in their field of education, toward their own possibilities ( sales and service ), just like finding some new and modern ways of management.

With its development plans, the company is beeing put next to most developed small corporational areas with a goal of growing activities in these surroundings, wishing to extend on markets outside Croatian borders.

Since 2007 company NIROSTA d.o.o. is officially certified with ISO 9001:2000 certification standards.

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